Q: i'm sad because chic fila is closed on sundays, can i use the app to get my family to support me during this rough period? 

A: Have you ever heard of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" The villagers told him, "don't cry wolf when there is no wolf." It's best to follow their advice with the notOK App™. Your trusted contacts know you and care enough about you to take your notOK™ alerts seriously. Only engage the notOK™ button when there is an actual crisis. 


Q: my aunt gertie always sends me the best peanut brittle from TUSCALOOSA. should i add her as a trusted contact to make her feel special? 

A: Aunt Gertie sounds like a wonderful woman, but if she's mailing you gifts, she probably isn't a strong choice. Trusted contacts should be friends, family members, or peers who live close enough to visit you if the need ever arises. One of the trusted contacts' responsibilities is to use the notOK App's™ GPS location to physically find you, if needed. So, if Aunt Gertie is more than an hour away, she won't be able to check up on you if the time ever comes. 


q: i'm seriously struggling and might hurt myself, should i press the notok™ button? 

A: No. If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1 FIRST, then if you are able, press the notOK™ button. 


Q: Why do I have to pay for the notok app™?

A: You don't! notOK App is totally FREE!!!! 


Q: How do i unsubscribe?

A: We're sorry to see you leave, but understand. To unsubscribe, follow the links for your device.

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